Expat and Internationals Aisle

Working in a Leading Position

Do you find yourself facing challenges in communication, cultural differences, collaboration, bias, decision-making, and employee engagement?

Leading a diverse team requires unique skills and strategies. We are here to support you in enhancing your cultural competence, develop effective communication strategies, promote inclusivity, and nurture a strong commitment to diversity within your team. We help you to enhance your capabilities, foster an inclusive work environment, and optimize the performance and engagement of their diverse workforce.

Working in a Foreign Country

Are you enthusiastic about your new job in a foreign country, yet mindful of the potential challenges that await you?

If you’re starting a new job in a foreign country, we understand the challenges you may face, such moving abroad, language barriers, cultural differences, social integration, administrative processes, professional recognition, emotional adjustments, work-life balance, and understanding new social benefits. 

Our coaching services help you navigate these challenges and succeed in your international career. From cultural adaptation and language skills to emotional well-being and professional development, we offer personalized coaching to address your specific needs and goals.

Let us support you in embracing this exciting chapter in your professional life and to navigate the transition and achieve your career objectives. Let’s embark on this journey towards success!

Programs and First Steps

Individual, international and career coaching

Cost-free introduction meeting, casual (digital) coffee to see if we click.

One session lasts for 75 minutes.

It is scheduled for every 3 to 4 weeks, based on mutual agreement.

The process typically involves a minimum of 3 sessions, but usually spans 5 to 10 sessions

Media training and workshops

We provide customized trainings and workshops tailored designed to address your specific needs in the communication or media field.

Our sessions cover various subjects, including interview techniques, presentation skills, on-camera presence, and writing skills.


Cost-Free consultation to talk over details and expectations.

Exploratory research.

Individual packages designed for guidance and personal consultations to advance your own goals and to increase your business’s success.

It is scheduled based on mutual agreement.

On request: Feedback meetings to review all your various business aspects.

Corporate and team coachings

Coaching for young leaders.

Coaching for teams.

Coaching for executives.

Possible in English, German, or Dutch.

”Invest in your well-being and make the most of your expat experience by creating new ties with your new country. Enjoy your stay without unnecessary worries, staying flexible and open-minded.”

Bianca Thomas

Career Corner

Career planning support enhances the awareness of insights and experiences, leading to clearer steps and decisions in alignment with your values and motivations. There are many reasons to advance in one’s career.

Internationals endeavor a job in a foreign country.

Professionals pursue a job or industry change or look for a new career path.

Team members transition into a leadership position.

Employees seek to re-enter the workforce after a parental leave or illness.

It’s not a simple task to identify the suitable courses of action and ensure the work-life balance. Our coaching services proved assistance in various topics such as:

Identifying your strengths, overcome limiting beliefs and mindset blocks

Facilitating self-reflection and the self-assessment process

Gaining a deeper understanding of your skills, capabilities and areas for development

Enhancing your leadership skills

Building professional relationships and expand your network

International Aisle

Cultural, social, and ethnic diversity pays off. It enriches businesses and societies, amplifying creativity and innovative capabilities. Meaningful strategies and concepts ensure competitive advantages.

Many companies recognize diversity as a key factor.

Countless Internationals make the bold decision to move abroad.

Numerous expatriates set off on a new life.

Although it looks like a big adventure, transformation has its challenges. We work with you to promote the success of integration, diversity and inclusion – privately or professionally. Our coaching sessions could include topics such as:

Adjusting to new environments (overcoming language barriers, adapting to local cultures, etc.)

Enhancing cross-cultural competencies

Strengthening team collaboration and dynamics

Developing global leadership skills

Cultivating emotional intelligence

Create new ties with your new country, your new employer, or your new employees. 

Counseling Counter

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and objectives – businesses seek these valuable insights. A collaborative process assists in defining clear and achievable goals, while mapping out a well-defined path to success, similar to the preparation and victorious outcome of a race like the Ironman.

Engaging in business counseling increase a company’s awareness:

To be able to realize growth.

To understand how to make your company more profitable.

Through our counseling service you explore:

Business model and activity development

Sales strategies and opportunity identification

EU tender support

Strengths and weakness analysis

Company strategy development

Performance measurement and problem solving

Whether you aim to sprint towards success or achieve long-distance milestones, we help you in making endurance, discipline and dynamic part of your business DNA.

Media Station

Video conferences have become a part of the professional routine for many individuals. Not only there, but also in various other aspects, attention is given to body language, self-confidence, and rhetoric. These competencies, along with effective communication and good storytelling, are essential aspects for many professionals.

Do you want to improve your presentation presence on stage and in front of the camera? Are you looking for impulses to enhance your writing skills? Would you like to train public speaking and boost your interview techniques?

Benefit from my many years of experience as a TV reporter, presenter and head of a news division at a business news network!

Gain confidence in delivering speeches, conducting presentations, giving interviews, writing articles or blogs and learn how to prepare for it.